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Get Busy and Don’t Let Boredom Lead to Reset

Boredom is often the surprising cause of watching porn. Why? Because it is uncomfortable. Learn how to combat it. Continue reading

NoFap Rationalization

The #1 Threat to Fapstronauts

In this week’s NFA video Alexander talks about how rationalization can pose a threat to those trying to abstain from PMO. Continue reading

Screenshot of a TinyChat Conference for NoFap

NoFap Web Conference #2

Instead of connecting to these pixelated porn stars on your computer or television screen, connect with your peers who are undergoing similar struggles. Continue reading

Alexander Rhodes and Mark Queppet

Increasing Awareness for Success with NoFap

Outside of getting comfortable with discomfort, the best thing you can do to help you on your quest to live a life free from porn is to increase your self-awareness. Continue reading

Alexander Rhodes and Mark Queppet

How to Create Sustainable Change Through Self-Leadership

The key to sustainable change lies with effective self-leadership. Normally leadership is thought of in terms of leading other people, however, it really starts with being able to lead yourself to do the things that are best for you. In … Continue reading

No Fap Web Conference

NoFap Web Conference #1

This week we discussed pornography’s effect on relationships, self confidence, and many other sexual health issues.

James Reynov from Life is Better

Q and A with director of NoFap-themed kickstarter film

The success of this film would be no where without the Fapstronauts, who showed us support and encouragement throughout the campaigning for the film. I’m excited for the film to be done more so for all of you to see it, and I hope you enjoy everything we have coming. Continue reading

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